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Consuming these food to enhance your sex capacity 2020-06-08
By Harshita Jain

Diseases have increased due to the working lifestyle and increasing stress, as well as the effect on sex-related relationships. Some super foods can help you in dealing with this problem. These foods are effective in increasing physical capacity. Not only this, these foods work like Viagra, so that you can enjoy sex for a long time. These super foods can be used for dinner or as dessert.

 Melon: Watermelon is one of the most commonly eaten fruits during summer season. It also supplies water in the body. Similarly, it works like Viagra. Actually, watermelon contains citrulline which produces nitric oxide. This element increases sexual stamina and reduces erectile dysfunction. You can also take it as a sorbet.

Garlic increases libido: Although eating garlic smells bad in the mouth and most people have problems with its smell. But after knowing its benefits, this demerit can be easily ignored. The allicin present in it increases libido. So eat regular garlic kaur and increase your libido. Yes, make sure that your mouth does not smell. You can try some solutions for this.

Harmon increases with broccoli: After an age, the amount of estrogen in men increases and testosterone decreases. Broccoli contains high amounts of indole, which helps in increasing testosterone in the body. Along with this, this combination also increases the sex hormones. Regular intake of broccoli increases physical ability and increases the desire for intimacy. With this, you are able to satisfy your partner completely. For better results, consume it regularly.

Pomegranate increases blood flow: It is considered as the best fruit to increase the length. It increases the energy level and helps in spending a good night with the partner. Pomegranate juice works like Viagra. It is 100 percent natural and there is no harm from it either. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily. It is full of antioxidants that increase blood flow to the genitals. It also increases the energy level.

Fish is also useful: cold water fishes like salmon, tuna, etc. contain zinc. Zinc plays an important role in increasing the production of testosterone. Therefore, these fish are very useful for men. Take them and improve your sex relationship with your partner.

Work pressure is very much visible on the physical relationship. Some men hesitate to establish physical relations due to this. But eat the foods and fruits given here regularly. These will work exactly like Viagra.

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