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So Did The Couple In The Cialis Commercial Have Sex In That Photo Booth Or What? 2014-09-26
By Danger Guerrero

The latest Cialis commercial is just like all the other ones, for the most part. A few attractive middle-aged couples are out and about doing whatever attractive middle-aged couples do, when all of a sudden they get that twinkle in their eye that tells the world their romance in still very much alive. The implication here is that the man has been taking Cialis — a medication that “may improve the ability to get erections and maintain them until sexual intercourse is successfully completed” and “may also improve the overall satisfaction with the hardness of erections,” according to its website — and he and his partner have been able to maintain a healthy, active sex life as they approach their golden years. Yes, okay, wonderful. But that implication laid over top of the events in this particular commercial raises an important question.

Did … did that couple just have sex in the photo booth?

Because it kinda seems like that’s what happened, if you think about it. Let’s walk through this step-by-step:

  • While shopping at what appears to be an upscale outdoor mall, they spontaneously decide to duck into an old-timey phone booth.
  • Once inside, they proceed to start snuggling and playing kissyface like a bunch of teenagers.
  • Presumably, if the product they are advertising works the way it says it does, blood rushes to the man’s loins and gives him an erection like a mighty Sequoia.
  • He wiggles a mischievous eyebrow at both the photo booth’s camera and the home audience (since we are seeing the action through the booth’s lens), and he leans in for a deep kiss.
  • We don’t see them again until they are outside the booth looking at the pictures.
  • The husband does not appear to have an erection at the end of the commercial.

This means one of two things: Either Cialis did not improve his ability to get and maintain an erection, or it did, and they were in that booth until it went away one way or another. And of those two options, the latter seems more likely, mostly because I doubt Cialis would market its product as a failure. Couple that with the libidinous pawing at each other and his devilish little eyebrow raise before the camera cut away, and, I mean…

I really think they had sex in that photo booth. And now they’re standing in the middle of a fancy shopping center looking at photos of themselves in the act like a couple of deviants. It’s the only logical conclusion.

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