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Sydney doctors laud new male impotence treatment 2014-09-02
By Robbie Patterson & Wentworth Courier

A new treatment, known as ED1000, which was developed in Israel and is being used to treat some forms of the ailment at Dr Michael Lowy’s Bondi Junction practice, Sydney Men’s Health.

The machine uses acoustic shock wave therapy to aid the formation of new blood vessels which can aid men with vascular problems.

“There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, one of the most common causes is vascular disease,” said Dr Robert Massera, who brought the technology to Australia.

“It is the same disease that affects the heart, the arteries become hard and blood flow is reduced. This treatment stimulates the body to produce new blood vessels at a microscopic level. And thereby increase blood flow to the penis.”

Dr Lowy, who has been working in men’s health since 1992, said the treatment provided another method for men not responding well to tablets.

“We really need something else, for a long time we have had our standard treatments, which are tablets, injection and vacuum devices, penile implants,” he said.

However, he said the treatment would not be ­effective for everyone.

While 70 per cent of erectile issues are vascular, he said there were also psychological, hormonal and other cases, which could render the treatment ineffective.

Patent Pending:   60/481641
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