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A-Rod's Sweet On Viagra-based "Hard Candy" 2022-11-27
By eTrueSports

A-Rod's Sweet On Viagra-based "Hard Candy"

New York - Carefully timed with a forthcoming new book praising him as an insatiable Lothario irresistible to women, Alex Rodriguez will release a line of high quality, Viagra-based confectionary products under the name "Hard Candy," eTrueSports has learned.
The book,  “House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, The World’s Most Powerful Address,” about the slugger's ultra-luxurious apartment building, describes a nearly-non-stop parade of hookers and  A-list celebrities who visited day and night.

"Research," said a Rodriguez spokesman who dismissed reports from the NY's Daily News' quoting building employees labeling A-Rod "a douche," and an "unfriendly narcissist no one liked."

"Our top of the line HC V-Plus Lollipop combines sexual go-power and all-day licking pleasure in one tasty sucker," said Rodriguez in a press statement.

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